Tailgating Safety Tips to Prevent Injuries

It’s that time of the year again! Football season is back, and with it brings the beloved tailgating! So grab your friends, load up the cooler and pack up the car, because Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys is going to tell you exactly what you need in order to have a terrific tailgate!

The key to any great tailgating party is the food. Whether you plan to grill hot dogs and hamburgers or bring pizzas and snacks, be sure that all of the food is properly stored and that you are cautious with your cooking abilities.

Tailgating Safety Tips:

  • Be sure to put plenty of ice in your cooler, particularly if you are bringing raw or uncooked meat. If raw meat sits out in the sun or feels warm to the touch, do not eat it.
  • Be sure to place your grill at least 6 feet away from any cars or combustibles. NEVER set up a grill on your vehicle or leave your grill unattended.
  • Are you cooking for many people? Don’t rush! Everyone wants to be quick to have their burger, but don’t rush the food off the grill. Better yet, pack a food thermometer and check to make sure that your meat is fully cooked to a minimum of 150°F before serving.
  • If you are using a charcoal grill, make sure to cool the coals properly before putting them in a garbage can or back into your car.
  • Throw out any and all food that may spoil. Yes, this means that although very tempting, you should NOT eat those leftover nachos or that leftover pizza slice that was sitting in the sun all game long.

No tailgate would be complete without cold drinks!

  • If you or any of your tailgating buddies has been drinking alcohol, make sure you DO NOT get behind the wheel. After the game you may think you are sober, but it’s more important to be safe and not take dangerous chances. Designate a sober driver before the tailgating festivities begin. Nothing ruins a tailgating night like a DUI or a car accident.

As summer comes to end in Las Vegas, Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys welcomes football season with open arms!

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