Las Vegas Bicycle Accidents

Las Vegas is seldom recognized as a biking town because of all the taxis, limos, Ubers and tourist buses. However, biking is an ideal form of transportation in a city that’s level and congested with vehicular traffic. Unfortunately, the biking trend developed unsystematically, and there are big hazards for bikers. In 2017, bicycle deaths hit record highs. [1]

Severe injuries are also common, and Las Vegas has much work ahead to turn the city into a biking-friendly city. If you or a loved one has been injured while riding your bike in Las Vegas, The Powerhouse Injury Attorneys can help you get fair compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and the wrongful death of a relative.

Collisions Between Las Vegas Motorists and Cyclists

Collisions between motorists and bicyclists occur for many reasons such as one or both parties not paying attention. Tourists don’t think to look for bicycles because of all the glitter, lights and architectural highlights. Las Vegas hazards include continuous construction projects, distractions of the urban landscape and tourists who are unfamiliar with the area. In a collision between a motor vehicle and a bicyclist, the cyclist almost always comes out the loser.

Collisions between cyclists and motorists are fairly common in Las Vegas because the city evolved around the motor vehicle. Activists are just beginning to work on the city’s biking infrastructure to make biking safer. Even with better infrastructure, there are still aggressive drivers everywhere, and any accident can generate catastrophic results for an unprotected cyclist.

Drunk drivers are quite common in a city that offers free drinks to gamblers to keep them at the gaming tables. Drunk gamblers often leave the floor angrily or in a state of euphoria and pay little attention to their driving as they worry about their losses or celebrate their winnings.

The Las Vegas roadway infrastructure was designed for cars. Although there is room for bicycles, there are only about 500 miles of bike lanes. The Regional Transportation Commission plans to upgrade to 2,000 miles of bike lanes, but that won’t happen overnight.[1] Most bike riders in Las Vegas have stories about being sideswiped or escaping near misses. Lanes can make bicycling safer but will never eliminate the risks entirely.

Las Vegas Laws Involving Motorists and Cyclists

The laws are clear but not always followed. Even if there are bike lanes, motorists are required to maintain 3 feet of distance from people on bikes even if the bike lane is already wider than that. Someone at the edge of the lane means that motorists must maintain an additional 3-foot clearance.[2] Other significant regulations about motorists and cyclists include:
• No Bike Lanes: In multi-lane roads, bicyclists have the right to use one of those lanes for travel. That means cars can’t encroach on the space and must pass cyclists in another lane just as if the bike were a full-sized car.
• Motorists Can’t Use Bike Lanes: Bicyclists can use travel lanes, but motorists can’t use bike lanes except in certain emergency situations by police, ambulance or other first responders.
• Bicyclists Must Follow Road Rules: Cyclists are required to follow the same rules of the road as motorists, but they often don’t do so–especially young riders. There are no bike-licensing requirements in Las Vegas, and cyclists often don’t know the law. Motorists have an extra duty of care to be careful around anyone riding a bike.
• Motorists Must Yield to Bicycles: In most situations, motorists must yield to bicycles. These conditions include bicycles emerging from alleys, people biking erratically and bicyclists who lose their balance or are involved in previous mishaps on the road.
• Injuries Caused by Unsafe Roads: About 13 percent of bicycle injuries are caused by unsafe road conditions. You could have a case against local, state or federal governments if the roadways aren’t properly maintained and contribute to an accident.
The problems will likely increase because Las Vegas recently started a bike-sharing program that will substantially increase the number of bikers on area roads. [3] These bikers might be inexperienced with riding bikes or rusty after driving for many years.

The Verdict: Fair Compensation for Bicycle Injuries Caused by Vehicles

If you are injured on a bicycle or otherwise, you have every right to seek compensation for damages. The first step is contacting a dedicated personal injury attorney to assess your situation. Even if you feel fine immediately following a minor accident, you could still have hidden injuries that won’t show up until later. That’s why seeing a doctor after an accident is crucial.

The Powerhouse Injury Attorneys can help you build a case, get the right medical assistance and manage your life when you’ve become disabled because of an injury. In 2015, Las Vegas ranked as the 3rd most dangerous city in the United States for bike riding. [4] Don’t let your livelihood become a statistic. Protect your rights by consulting with a compassionate and skilled lawyer after experiencing a bicycle accident caused by a motorist’s negligence or unsafe roads. Contact The Powerhouse Injury Attorneys for a free consultation about your bicycle injury case to find out more about your rights and filing a claim for compensation.

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