What Should You Do if You’re involved in A Construction Zone Accident?

It might seem, when driving through cities like Las Vegas and Phoenix, that there is always some sort of construction going on. Construction zones are everywhere, and they are filled with equipment, workers, road signs, traffic cones, and many other hazards that make them difficult to navigate. So, while construction projects and roadwork are also meant to make roads safer and easier to use, they are often more dangerous while the work is going on. Driving through them is dangerous, and the construction companies involved must make every effort to make construction zones safer for everyone. Contact Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys in Las Vegas or Phoenix if you get in a car accident when inside a construction zone. They will help make sure that you get any compensation to which you are entitled.

Liability for Accidents in Construction Zones

As with any accident where one party attempts to receive compensation for costs associated with injury or mental anguish, you must find someone who can be held liable. Insurance is based on a “fault” system, which means that someone must be deemed to be at fault to be able to file an insurance claim. When it comes to a construction zone, liability can be complicated. There are so many people who are involved in some way or another, whether it is planning, logistics, placing safety signs and equipment, and doing the actual work. One of the primary jobs for an attorney hired for a construction zone accident case is to determine who is at fault and why.

The City

There are several ways in which the city itself might be liable for damages in the case of a car accident in a construction zone. Since the city owns many of the roadways in Las Vegas and Phoenix, they must be kept to a certain standard. Even with construction going on, there may be unsafe road conditions that lead to an accident or damage. The city may also block off an inadequate space for the work, meaning that things are cramped and possibly disorganized. These scenarios can definitely lead to accidents.

The Company Doing the Work

The job of the construction company isn’t just to make repairs to the road or to build a high-rise. Their job is also to do it as safely as possible for their workers and the general public. There are many safety standards encoded in the law to make sure that any company performing construction duties does it safely. However, not all companies are as diligent with their protocols as others. There may be obstructions that are inappropriate spots, or equipment that creates blind spots for passing vehicles, for example. The company itself could be liable if they have created conditions for an accident, or individual workers could be liable if through laziness, incompetence, or a simple disregard for regulations leading them to do something unsafe that leads to an accident.

Another Party

Of course, it may be that an automobile accident is caused by someone who is not connected to the construction site at all. It could be that another driver, pedestrian, or cyclist causes an accident by being reckless or unsafe in a construction zone. If all the necessary precautions were taken by the city and the construction company, and someone ignores the safety directives in place for vehicles and pedestrians, then they could be held liable for damages resulting from your accident. Another possible 3rd party culprit is the manufacturer of equipment if there is a malfunction that leads to an unsafe situation.

When driving through construction sites in Las Vegas and Phoenix, there are many hazards that you need to watch out for. These can include just about anything, including workers holding signs, temporary traffic lights, heavy equipment that is moving, pylons, pillars, and of course other vehicles. Any one of these things could be directly involved in an accident, and you or the people in your vehicle could get hurt. If that were to happen, you could be entitled to compensation. You can claim damages for your car and property, medical bills, loss of income, mental anguish, and much more.

Luckily, you won’t have to figure out what you can claim and who is liable for your injuries. That job belongs to your experienced car accident attorneys in Las Vegas and Phoenix. At Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys, we believe in fighting for your rights and making sure that you get the compensation you deserve as a result of your car accident in a construction zone. Call (702) 444-2222 in Las Vegas and (602) 265-5555 in Phoenix to get the best representation in your case.