Tips for a Safe New Year

The New Year is Finally Here!

How will YOU celebrate? Remember, New Year’s Eve is the biggest drinking holiday of the year, and according to the Insurance Institute, you are twice as likely to die in a car accident on New Year’s Eve than any other day of the year. However you decide to celebrate this year, Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys wants to make sure that you and fellow party-goers stay safe. Read and share our tips with others to help us all enjoy an injury-free New Year.

TIP #1: Don’t Drink and Drive

This may seem obvious, but it needs to be said… NEVER drink and drive- even when you have only had a couple of drinks. “Tipsy” and “Buzzed” driving IS drunk driving. Have a designated driver or transportation home planned before going out so that you don’t have to worry later. This one is so important, that we must repeat ourselves: NEVER drink and drive for ANY reason.

TIP #2: Don’t Drive with Someone who has Been Drinking

This one is equally as important: NEVER get in the car with someone who has been drinking. Even if the person is your sibling, friend or cousin and you trust them dearly, you must never get in the car with someone who has been drinking. Take their car keys away and call him/her a cab.

TIP #3: Be Aware and Alert

Be aware of your surroundings at all times. New Years Eve is filled with crowded clubs, street parties and lots of alcohol. Las Vegas estimates approximately 300,000 people will be visiting for the New Year’s festivities on Las Vegas Boulevard. Be alert for pickpocketers and suspicious looking people and bags. Be aware of how others are acting and stay away from those who seem out of control or aggressive.

TIP #4: Watch Your Drinks

Never, ever put your drink down anywhere. It takes just a few seconds for someone to slip something in your drink. Never accept a drink from a stranger – keep a close eye on who is mixing your drinks.

TIP #5: Stay Hydrated

Monitor your alcohol intake and alternate your alcoholic beverages with glasses of water. This will also help minimize next day hangovers.

Tip #6: Use the Buddy System

Stick together. Going out to celebrate at big parties and nightclubs means a fast-paced, crazy night, Look out for your friends and family by always staying in a group.

Unfortunately, no matter how vigilant and proactive we try to be, accidents are bound to happen at some time or another. If you have injuries from an accident, give Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys a call to review your case for free.