Ten Crucial Things to Know About a Personal Injury Case in Las Vegas

Personal injury cases can be a hassle to many people, but Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys wants to help you in your time of need by making you feel at ease. So here are 10 crucial things to expect when it comes to your personal injury case in Las Vegas:

Ten Crucial Things to Know About Your Personal Injury Case

1) Timing is crucial in a personal injury case: If you have been injured in an accident, you need to act immediately. This means you need to call 9-1-1 and make a police report of the incident. You also need to seek medical attention and a personal injury attorney. The longer you wait to do these things, the more difficult it will be to recover for your injuries.

2) You need to seek medical attention: This is mentioned again because it’s important. Everyone’s bodies are different, resulting in different symptoms and pain levels after an accident. Your injuries and symptoms also may not be apparent for days or even weeks after your accident. However, even though medical research has proved that injuries can appear or worsen over time, if you do not seek immediate medical treatment the defense attorney will fight hard against your claim. In addition to making your case stronger, it is also best for your health to seek medical attention. You also must follow your doctor’s recommendations exactly- health professionals are required to document everything- so if you choose not to follow doctors’ orders, it could hurt your case (or your body) in the long run.

3) Pursuing personal injury claims is a low risk high reward decision: Lloyd Baker’s cases are taken on a contingency basis. This means you, the client, do not pay a dime out of pocket. Instead, the fees and the expenses are taken out of the settlement or verdict when we win your case. If no settlement or verdict is reached in your favor, then we do not get paid. You see, there really is zero risk for the client.

4) Personal injury cases are like snowflakes, no two are the same: Each case involves different people, different environments, and different circumstances. That is why Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys treats each and every client and personal injury case with individualized and customized care. There is no “one size fits all” approach to personal injury cases.

5) The burden of proof is on the plaintiff’s shoulders: This means that your attorney has to prove negligence of the other party. This can be proven in many ways, and a skilled personal injury attorney will view this challenge with eagerness. Talk to your attorney about the specific ways he or she can prove negligence in your personal injury case.

6) Initial settlement offers are often extremely low: The defense attorney and the defendant’s insurance company are trying to get you to “go away” as cheaply as possible. Often times, they might not even offer enough money to cover medical bills. By hiring a skilled personal injury lawyer, your chances at a substantial settlement/verdict increase dramatically. Lloyd Baker and his staff know how to create leverage in personal injury cases. Lloyd Baker previously worked for an insurance company – he knows the games that the companies play and how to best get around them to get you your fair settlement in a timely manner.

7) Documentation is often a key to victory: People are often visual creatures. That means visual evidence goes a long way in making your case. Pictures of the scene, the damage, the injuries, etc. will help establish your case for the jury. Also, bills and records are great in establishing causation and damages. Make sure you also have copies of witness statements, police reports, or any other documentation you feel will support your case.

8) Most personal injury cases never make it to trial: Trials can be expensive. This means you may get less of your settlement after a trial, and it means the defense has to spend considerably more money to get through a trial. This creates an incentive to resolve the case before a trial starts. However, you need to have an attorney who is willing to take your case to trial. The defense attorneys know which personal injury attorneys are not willing to go the distance- luckily Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys are not one of them. We will always fight for our clients, even litigate and take the case to trial.

9) There are many types of personal injury cases: The most common personal injury cases are: car accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycles accidents, slip and fall accidents, pedestrian accidents, dog bites, product liability, and workplace accidents.

10) Hiring the right attorney is important: Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is very important. An experienced attorney will help you maximize your return. Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys wants to handle your injury case. If you or anyone you know anyone was injured in an accident in Las Vegas, Nevada, please call 702-444-2222 for a FREE Consultation.