Is Recovery Possible in a Single-Motorcycle Accident?

You’ve had a motorcycle accident, and as far as you can tell at first, the fault was yours and yours alone, especially since no other vehicle directly played a part by crashing into you. Despite what you may think at the time, your recovery might involve more than just physical healing. You may also have a chance for monetary compensation. In other words, you might want to ask: Is there anyone I can sue?

The answer may be yes. A thorough investigation could show that your single-motorcycle accident really resulted from negligence on the part of another person or entity. For example, you may have a good case for filing suit if you can trace the mishap back to:

– Negligence on the part of another driver. Although no other vehicle collided with you directly, the actions of another motorist could well have played a role. This will particularly obtain if another driver’s inattention or obvious disregard caused you to swerve, lose control and subsequently strike another object or run off the road. This type of mishap can result in significant physical injury to any motorcyclist, especially one who was traveling at a fair rate of speed.

– Governmental disregard or oversight. Local jurisdictions owe a duty of care to the motorists who travel their roads. It is their responsibility to keep these roads safe and navigable. A government entity that has failed to correct a known flaw or defect could be found negligent, and its lack of regard could have been the root cause of your accident. Whether potholes; inadequate signage, invisible road markings, dangerous curves, broken guardrails or any similar defect resulted in your accident, you may be able to file suit against the applicable government agency. It is true that some of these entities may enjoy immunity from prosecution, but a skilled personal injury attorney will assist in determining whether you do or do not have a viable claim.

– Manufacturing defect. It is entirely possible that your accident resulted from a deficiency in your motorcycle’s design, a flaw in its manufacture or a fault in a key component. For example, it goes without saying that the driver of a bike with inadequate or defective brakes is in for a potentially deadly ride. Faulty tires as well have caused many single-motorcycle accidents since a blowout at highway speeds can cause a total loss of control, potentially throwing a rider off the bike entirely. In such a circumstance, the manufacturer of the defective part may have a few questions to answer.

– Defective safety apparel. If the accident itself should prove to have been entirely your fault, injury can result from equipment that fails to provide the expected protection. If, for example, a head injury results from having unwittingly worn inadequate head protection, a helmet manufacturer may be liable for bringing to market a product that failed to function as advertised.

Typical injuries for which you may be entitled to compensation include:

– Lacerations.

– Damage to the back, neck and spine.

– Broken bones.

– Loss of limbs.

– Paralysis.

– Traumatic brain damage.

– Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Compensation will normally assist in covering such things as:

– Property damage.

– Current and future medical costs.

– Hospital bills.

– Out-of-pocket expenses.

– Lost wages.

– Rehabilitative costs.

– Pain and suffering.

– Loss of companionship.

If your injuries should result in death, your surviving family members could also have grounds for a lawsuit.

If you’ve suffered injury in a single-motorcycle accident, there’s a good chance that you can still recover damages even though no other vehicle collided with yours directly. However, you will have the vital task of proving that the accident itself and the harm that you suffered as a result were truly due to the negligence of another person or entity.

At Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys, our experts in motorcycle accident cases will conduct a thorough investigation of your case, identify the parties responsible and determine the number and type of claims that you can reasonably make against them. Because every case is unique, it pays to hire a personal injury lawyer with the experience required to win you the highest possible compensation. You’ll find that lawyer at Lloyd Baker Powerhouse Injury Attorneys. Give our office a call at any time. seven days a week, or contact us online for a free consultation.