Dog Attacks: Safety Tips and What to Do

The Powerhouse Injury Attorneys™ in Las Vegas provide exceptional services to clients who are suffering from dog bite injuries. We know how these wounds can affect the mental state of the victim. This can make it difficult to understand what steps need to be taken to defend your rights under the law. Many injured people are unaware that they are entitled to receive damages. This is true even when they follow all precautions for staying safe.

Dog Bite Injuries

The first safety priority is to make sure that the victim seeks medical attention. Once a wound becomes infected, the injury could become fatal for some people. It is absolutely critical to prevent any infection from becoming this serious. We can help you to understand the legal process once the immediate crisis is over. Documentation and medical records are important for making your case in a courtroom, and we can help you to request the necessary records.

Dog bites affect more than four million people every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control, or CDC. It is unfortunate that dog bites are so common, but the legal system does make provisions for these victims. Dog owners are required to be responsible for their animal at all times. Dog attacks can happen at any place or time, and the timing can take victims completely by surprise. Always keep a safe distance from strange dogs even if they appear to be friendly. Some dogs are only friendly when handled by people they already know.

Dog Bite Trauma

People react in specific ways to traumatic events. This can include concentration problems that make it difficult to understand what is happening. Making good legal decisions under this situation is virtually impossible. In addition, an adversarial legal team will understand how to take advantage of you during this period of vulnerability. Defendants frequently claim that some sort of provocation was involved, but this is just an attempt to shift blame away from the dog owner. Our law firm has experience fighting back against these types of arguments. We work hard to ensure that you get everything you are entitled to receive under the law.

Dog owners are expected to obey certain laws:

1. Dogs must be kept on leashes in specific locations and public places.
2. Dogs must not be left unattended or allowed to approach strangers.
3. Dog owners are required to supervise and take responsibility for the animal to a reasonable extent.

Top Safety Tips

These attacks can be extremely traumatic, and no one wants to have this type of encounter with a dog. Even though the dog owner is responsible for the animal, you can still observe some basic precautions to minimize the damages. For example, you should always avoid dogs if they show signs of being in heat. This condition tends to make female dogs more aggressive than usual. Most dog bites are inflicted by males, so exercise extra precautions when you are around these dogs. Never interrupt a dog eating food, sleeping or playing with a toy.

Dog bites cause different types of suffering, and this includes the mental anguish experienced by the wound victim and family members. If the wounds are serious, surgery might be required. The expenses involved in recovering from the event can be overwhelming. Your safety strategy should include pursuing every possible legal remedy that will get you the resources necessary to heal. Think of our legal services as a part of your overall safety net.

Powerhouse Injury Attorneys

Our legal professionals are experienced and committed to helping victims who have been bitten by a dog, receive the compensation they deserve.

Our firm represents people who require an aggressive advocate. Dog owners can face liability claims if they violate laws that regulate these animals. Your case is strongest when you take all available precautions to keep a safe distance from the dog. However, when you are dealing with a wound from a dog bite, you should not have to worry about fighting for your rights for fair compensation. We provide this important service to clients. Our Personal Injury Attorneys can help you to recover damages for your injuries. This is critical during the period where you are still learning about how the legal process works. Give us a call today for a free consultation in Las Vegas: 702-444-2222